Technical fabrics

We develop high-performance fabric
to answer your needs and meet specific norms.

Innovative textiles
for clothing

In our LAB, we develop present and future innovative materials as well as a range of finished products with all the latest technical and environmental norms. Our technical fabrics for clothing will address the needs of leisure activities (sports, hunting, fishing, hiking) thanks to their water repellent, breathable, impermeable or insulating specificities. Our fabrics also meet the demands of daily tested work clothing (army, farming, firemen).

Un pêcheur en mer portant un vêtement technique
Salon de jardin avec revêtement en tissus technique résistant aux UV et à la pluie

Technical fabrics

Our range of technical fabrics meets the required standards of M1 class fireproof safety norms (mandatory for venues open to the public) whilst matching their multiple functions at home: block out fabrics, water repellent or 3-layer outdoor textiles.

Innovation to limit
environmental impact

Innovation lies in the development of new materials as much as it does in finding new ways of producing. Organic cotton and recycled materials dramatically reduce the environmental impact of our production.
Our range of fabrics and crafted items fit the requirements of the most demanding environmental norms: GRS, GOTS, FSC. Find out more about the different certifications of our products on our CSR page.

Pile de vêtements à recycler