Our Company

Une histoire, une expertise et un savoir-faire uniques dans le monde du textile, une gamme complète de produits et de solutions logistiques qui s’inscrivent dans une démarche responsable

A family business in Lyon

At the beginning Sauzet & Coponat was an exporter and commissioner of made-in-Lyon silks –
Lyon has a long, lauded history of producing some of the most stunning silks in the world. The Company would export to Vietnam, Cambodia and later on to Lebanon, Persian Gulf States and Maghreb. The Company would also make a lot of business with the US and a few countries of Central America – especially Venezuela. In 1965, after the passing of its founder Rémy Coponat, his son Robert took over Sauzet & Coponat which became Coponat soon after.
At the beginning of the 80’s, the offer of made-in-Lyon silks faces the globalisation of the market and the international competition strongly impacts the Company’s competitiveness on the export market.

Robert Coponat then decides to expand the activities by integrating imports and international brokerage. The Company also managed to find new sources of supply in Asia-Pacific region: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and China.
Now, Coponat is led by the third generation of the family, Romain Coponat, associated to Jean Arthur Honegger. The Company offers an ever-growing range of textiles and products for fashion and upholstery.

Our ethos

We’ve always been a family business operating at human scale. Human connection is at the heart of our commercial and social process. That’s why we’ve been weaving special and sustainable connections with our production ateliers for many years. These strong partnerships safeguard the reliability of our logistical process: raw materials, product development, manufacturing, delivery. They also ensure that we meet our social and environmental standards.

Couturière au travail dans une usine de textile

The leaders

Portrait de Romain Coponat, dirigeant de l'entreprise

Romain Coponat

Chairman, Co-Director
Head of Fashion department

Portrait de Jean-Arthur Honegger, dirigeant associé de l'entreprise

Jean-Arthur Honegger

Head of Home Decor Department

What about the future?

We want to stay tuned to the constant evolutions of the market to be able to adapt our offer to our clients’ needs and requirements. We want to continue to expand our range of solutions and product choices.
Finally, our focus remains on the future of our planet. We are very much aware that the textile industry has a heavy impact on the environment and we want to act on it by creating local supply networks and working more and more with organically sourced and recycled fabrics. We are committed, together with our partners, to offer good working conditions to our employees.